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You wake up to the sound of your phone ringing at 2AM. It is your friend, and they are in need of help moving furniture as a storm threatens to flood the bottom floor of their house. As the good friend you are, you agree to help, ignoring the fact that it is the middle of the night and the storm is getting stronger by the minute. What happens next will captivate you. The world is a tough place and this text-based, interactive experience will have you making tough choices, which will impact important life decisions, as you progress through the story-line.

The ideas behind this game come from a variety of sources. The sources included opened at the end of the game plus a couple of others used to create the storyline / the ideas for the game can be found on this document: Sources of ideation.

Story in scenes from start of game to end of fundraiser written by myself. All game creation also done by myself. (My personal website)

The initial ideas for what the game would follow and story from procedure scene to the final scene written by Adam Crompton. (Adam Crompton's Blog)

Install instructions

For Windows Download: Unzip and click on the .exe.

For Mac Download: Unzip and click on the .app (the only file).


Windows Download 43 MB
Mac Download 45 MB

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